Parenting Conversations

Facilitated by a child development expert from
the University of Texas at Dallas Center for Children and Families.
Conversations will center around concepts from The Whole-Brain Child by Daniel Siegel.
Connect with other parents, enjoy discussion and gain perspectives and ideas

Registration required. Register online

The book is available for check out from Plano Public Library. Parents and caregivers are welcome to attend and benefit from the conversations whether or not you read the book

Create Your Elevator Speech

Communicate who you are, your idea or how you can benefit
a company or organization in a way such that any listener can
understand it in a short period of time. Learn how to design your
speech to get a positive response. Presented by Andrella Thomas with
Capital One


Winning Resumes & Interview Skills

HR professionals from Capital One will review best practices for
creating a resume and discuss interviewing using the SAR Method.
Learn tools for answering interview questions and tips for following
up after the interview

Registration required. Register online

Roadmap to Business Startup Success

Don Walter, SCORE mentor, reviews the steps that need to be followed
to successfully launch a business – from the genesis of the idea
through the legal aspects, competition research, financing, marketing
and launch. Registration required

Meets in-person and via Zoom. Register online 

Chinese Literature Talk 中国文学讲座

Discussion of Sanmao’s “The Stories of the
Sahara” and “Gone with the Rainy Season”
presented by Dr. Woody Wu, a professor and
a poet
邀请您与吴公子一道探讨 “三毛的《撒哈

Registration required. Register online


Small Talk

Practice your English speaking conversation skills. Each week
participants discuss practical everyday topics in a casual group setting
to become more confident speakers. Have fun, meet people from all
over the world and learn about American culture while practicing your
spoken English. Limited to those who can speak and read English

Registration required. Register online

Genealogy Lock-In

Join other libraries across Texas and
Oklahoma to see webinars throughout the
day on genealogy research

Registration required | Register by email