Polymers Bouncing Balls

Bounce into the fascinating world of chemistry and physics with our
exploration of polymers. Then, apply what you learned by creating
your own bouncing ball

Tickets available 30 minutes prior to program, available in-person only


Wildflower Power

Make your own wildflower seed bombs and unearth the importance
of wildflowers to our local pollinators and ecosystem. It will be a blast!

Happy Bee-Day

Learn about bees, how they pollinate, math of the honeycomb and
making your yard bee-friendly

Balance Buddies

Learn about the forces of gravity and attractions then make your own
balance buddy

Ocean Commotion

Have you wondered about the depths of our oceans? Take a dive
with us as we explore ocean-related topics through salt painting,
experiments and more

X Marks the Spot

Explore the significance of sequencing in coding and apply your new
knowledge in a screen-free challenge

LEGO Engineering

Test your skills by using LEGO bricks to build a functional bridge
across a river

Tickets available 30 minutes prior to program, available in-person only


Create a Creature

Learn about the ways animals adapt and change to better survive in
their environment and from predators. Then, apply that knowledge as
you design your own creature

Paper Airplane Challenge

STEAM Paper Airplane Challenge

Up, up, and away! Learn how to make different kinds of paper
airplanes and helicopters. See if they can survive our obstacle course

Listen to the Trees Talk

Did you know that trees talk to each other and not just during
Entmoots? Branch out and journey through the forest to discover the
secret life of trees!