Pick a Pet

Do you have a pet at home or do you want one? Learn about different
pets and the costs and responsibilities of owning one

Art of Money

Get ready for money making mania as we explore what money looks
like around the world and then create your own currency designs.
Who will you put on your currency?

Tickets available 30 minutes prior to program, available in-person only

Art Shop

What can you create with $5.00? Browse our art shop for supplies
to make your masterpiece! With play money received at the store
entrance, purchase paper, markers, glue and scissors and perhaps
some specialty supplies to make your work of art spectacular. Spend
however you like, but budget wisely

Tickets available 30 minutes prior to program, available in-person only

SNAP Budgeting Workshop

Learn the importance of creating and maintaining a budget. Learn
how to prioritize and track spending. If you have any questions or
accommodation requests, please email snapprograms@plano.gov in advance in
advance. Recommended for ages 16+

Supporting Neurodivergent Access to Programming
SNAP programs are sensory-friendly and targeted toward the needs of neurodivergent
children, teens, adults and their families/caregivers. Neurodivergent includes autism
spectrum disorder, ADD/ADHD, Tourette’s and other developmental and learning disabilities.

Investing Basics for Teens

It’s never too early to start thinking about saving and investing.
Learn about how the stock market works with the US Securities
and Exchange Commission. Find out about the different kinds of
investment products (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.) and the
benefits and risks involved with each. Understanding how to set
financial goals and invest for your future is a smart financial decision

Stretch Your Dollars

Are you up for the challenge of balancing a budget? Teens will be
given a job profile and then challenged to make their budget balance
as they visit different spending stations

Counting Coins

Enjoy hands-on activities that strengthen your child’s knowledge of
money and how to count it

Party Planning

Discover the secrets of throwing an epic birthday party on a budget!
Learn how to make financial decisions about cake and entertainment
while planning a memorable celebration for you and your friends